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Questions to Ask Your Roofer.

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Questions to Ask Your Roofer

Before making a decision, there are some import questions to ask your roofer.

Unlike other skilled trades roofers and roofing contractors in Ontario do not require any trade specific licensing or training. It’s for this reason every season we see a new crop of individuals with pick-up trucks and ladders leaving flyers in your mailbox or knocking on your door.

There are several important questions you must ask a roofing contractor when entertaining quotes:

Can you provide your Commercial Certificate of Insurance and does it include your vehicles?

Most roofers carry $2 Million in coverage, Mint Roofing Ltd carries $5 Million as we often work on large commercial projects.

Prior to a contractor working on your home obtaining this information ensures that you’re protected should something go wrong.

Can you provide a recent and valid WSIB Clearance?

In Ontario, WSIB clearance is mandatory in construction.

Recent changes in Ontario now regulate that every Contractor ,even single operator contractors, must pay premiums and be eligible for Clearance certificates.

If you hire a contractor for cash, that doesn’t have a WSIB or that is Not Eligible for Clearance Certificates you are putting yourself at greater risk than you might think.

If someone gets injured both you and your home insurance may have full responsibility for the costs associated with the injury including hospital, rehab, loss of work, and disability. That makes this one of the most critical questions to ask your roofer.


Click the WSIB Logo to search and validate a roofer’s WSIB Status

Are you Certified by the Manufacturer?

Mint Roofing Ltd installs numerous types of roofing products and we’re Certified Installers for them.

Manufacturer certifications like GAF’s Highest Level, Master Elite are the only way a homeowner can be certain their roofing contractor knows how to properly install the products.

Mint Roofing Ltd. is dedicated to on-going training, this ensures our clients receive a properly installed roof the way the manufacturer intended it to be.

Workmanship issues and defects are the number one reason that a roof becomes defective and ultimately fails.

Not only do we strive to have the most knowledgeable and skilled employees, we guarantee that our installations will be done right and without defects or flaws.

This article from Construction Law Canada discusses how Insurance companies are starting to refuse coverage for damages resulting from poor workmanship. This means if your sub-standard roof fails you might be responsible for the repair or replacement and any associated damage including the roof.

Many people think that installing a new roof is nothing more than just nailing up some shingles. The truth is, a properly installed roof is a complex system of components working together to keep water (and the damage it can do) outside of your home. Competent roofing contractors spend years learning their trade. They train long hours to learn how to properly handle and install roofing system materials, identify risks, keep themselves safe, and follow mandatory building regulations – all while keeping water out.

GAF’s Pro Field Manual is 300 pages long and Mint Roofing Ltd. dedicates over 200 hrs for training annually and our employees write the Exam.

Inexperienced or rushed roofing contractors are more focused on making a buck than protecting your home, a lot of these roofers offer a tempting price far lower than a reputable contractor, the result might cost you far more than the savings buyer beware.

Don’t get seduced by a cheap price!!

Do you & your workers have the necessary training?

Clients often ask us if our employees have received Working at Heights Training, and the answer is YES!!

Most homeowners aren’t aware that they should also be asking about WHIMIS, First Aid, occupational Health & Safety and Workplace Violence & Harassment training as well all of which are Mandatory in Ontario.

Mint Roofing Ltd. provides all required training to our employees as our goal is to ensure we can always identify, correct, prevent or respond to any hazards, risks or emergencies in our workplace.

We want our clients home protected and that all of team are safe, these are always of utmost importance to us.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

This is one of the most important questions to ask your roofer. The right answer is NO.

Deposits are only typically be provided for large commercial, industrial, institutional or mulit-family projetcs, these types of projects likely have a 30 day upon completion hold back as well.

Contractors who ask for deposits for Residential roofing projects are not typically financially very stable and may not live up to their commitments.

A financially stable contractor has an established reputation and credit within the industry among suppliers.

If the Contractor cannot afford to finance the materials and labour until the job is finished and the client is satisfied this may be an indicator that you’re not speaking to a professional.

Contact Mint Roofing Ltd will not take deposits for residential projects, our clients satisfaction is our utmost priority and we will only submit an invoice when the project is 100% complete.

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