How Your Roof Works


How Your Roof Works ... Explained

How does your roof work? Our new roof installation starts with a great system. Far too often we see our competitors quotes be close in price, however when we compare the scope of work they offer Ontario Building Code (OBC) minimum basic coverage. We can often offer a complete system for the same price providing your home with the protection it deserves.


After all it is likely that your home will be the single largest purchase you ever make, why would you want to cut corners with your roof system that protects it for decades to come. Below are the components of a proper roof system:


Insulation is the key to preventing winter ice dams., without proper insulation levels excess heat it will unavoidably migrate to the attic. Once in the attic it accelerates thawing directly above the shingles, even with several feet of accumulated snow on the roof. This thaw will result in water traveling down your roof or under your shingles until it either freezes (often backing up under your shingles) or infiltrates your home resulting in leaks and ceiling damage.

All roofing contractors, even those who understand how a roof works, cannot warrant leaks resulting from ice dams. Architects primarily design homes and roofs with aesthetics in mind and the designs of the roofs can often be prone to these types of leaks. Proper insulation levels of R50 or 15″ is the new Ontario Building Code (OBC) requirement


The condition of the existing plywood sheathing or board deck. It’s imperative that this first step is not overlooked, the substrate must be in good condition to in order to accept the fasteners that secure your roofing products. Warped, rotten, or damaged plywood must be replaced prior to installing your roof system so that it isn’t blown off


Drip edge is a pre-formed metal edge flashing that offers three benefits to a roof system. Metal drip edge protects the exposed edge of plywood that if left unprotected can wick moisture up through the plywood and rot the wood.

It also ensures that shingle are supported at the eaves, which prevents the shingles at the edge of the roof from bending, curling and cracking.

Lastly, metal drip edge will direct water from the roofline directly into the Eavestrough preventing against those pesky drips that appear between your Eavestrough and fascia.

We recommend drip edge on every roof areas with a lower roof pitch ( under 8/12 ) as the benefits far outweigh the minimal costs.


Another crucial component often overlooked by our competitors and the first item inspected by manufacturers if a warranty claim is made. Mint Roofing Ltd. performs the proper calculations to ensure your attic is properly vented, lack of proper venting may result in a warranty being denied. We look at both intake, soffit vents, and exhaust roof vents to develop a proper and consistent ventilation cycle that will keep the home and roof healthy. Ventilation requirements may have changes since your last roof was installed and vent placement is important to prevent against “short circuiting” which creates attic hot spots.

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This peel and stick product is offered by several suppliers. Not every product is equal and Mint Roofing Ltd. utilizes the product that is recommended by the manufacturer of shingles we are installing.These products serve to protect your roof against wind driven rain, water damming due to clogged Eavestrough and most importantly in our Canadian climate damage resulting from ice dams. Installing membrane on lower slope roofs is mandatory at Mint Roofing Ltd, as well as vulnerable roof areas such as valleys, skylights, chimneys and problem areas.


Often overlooked by roofing contractors underlayment such as common 15 LB Asphalt Saturated Felt Paper or Synthetic Products like GAF Tiger Paw, Feltbuster or Deckarmour offer piece of mind against roof leaks. By learning how your roof works, you can see how installing underlayment provides an extra layer of protection that acts as a barrier between your plywood deck and shingles. As our climate experiences the effects of global warming Southern Ontario will sustain frequent storms with high wind speeds and intense precipitation, when these storms produce wind driven rain and direct it beneath your shingles underlayment will prevent water from infiltrating your home.


Mint Roofing Ltd. only installs fiberglass shingle products. These products lay flatter last longer and are designed to eliminate problems such as curling, clawing and degranulating.

All of our products are warranted by the manufacturer and offer superior coverage and adhesion. In geographical areas that sustains higher wind ratings Mint Roofing Ltd. offers manufacturer specified high wind applications to protect against wind related concerns.


Mint Roofing Ltd prefers the practice of installing pre-painted metal valleys where roof sections meet to create a trough. Metal offers longstanding protection especially during the winter months when these areas experience a back-up of ice and snow. How your roof works can depending on these valleys.

Chimney and wall flashing are also inspected and replaced as required, often the existing flashings can be resealed which reduces the cost of replacement however Mint Roofing Ltd. inspects each project prior to replacement to determine if these items can be salvaged.