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Why choose vinyl Siding?

Look around most neighbourhoods in Southern Ontario and you will find the majority of houses are clad in some form of vinyl siding.

Why? For most homeowners, it means eliminating the hassle and expense of repainting their house every five years or worse — paying someone else to do it. You can put the paint brush down, grab a hose and have the exterior of your home looking like new in a quarter of the time.

Still not convinced? Do you still believe that vinyl siding can't hold its colour without fading, that it buckles in the heat, gets cracked in the winter and that it can mask moisture problems.

These were worthy concerns in the past, but vast improvements have been made in vinyl siding over recent years both in quality and variety.

Mint Roofing offers some of the latest vinyl siding products. From siding with a low-gloss finish that more closely resembles painted wood to realistic-looking grain patterns.

Through our supplier, KAYCAN, Mint Roofing customers can choice from a variety of colours in a wealth of patterns. We also offer an extensive selection of trim and decorative accessories for doors, trim, windows, rooflines and more.

At Mint Roofing we are great at installing roofs, but we are equally reliable at replacing or installing new vinyl siding in the Whitby area. Ask us about our minimum job cost associated any repair or installation of siding.

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