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Leaky Eavestrough? Don't wait for a flood!

Also known as a rain gutter, an eavestrough is a narrow channel, or trough, that collects and diverts rainwater away from the roof edge.

Although an essential part of a roofing system, the main purpose of an eavestrough has nothing to do with the roof at all but rather it protects a home's basement or crawlspace by channeling water away from its foundation. The eavestrough also helps to reduce the erosion of soil around your home and protects painted or stained surfaces directly underneath by reducing exposure to water. Eavestrough can also provide a means to collect rainwater for later use.

Eavestroughs are also very effective at keeping entrances clear of falling water and ice. This reduction in moisture also helps to keep steps, decks and entrance ways dry and free of moss, slime, algae and other growths likely to cause slips and falls.

Eavestroughs can be made from a variety of materials such as zinc, galvanised steel, painted steel, copper, painted aluminium as well as PVC and other plastics.

Mint Roofing offers a large range of eavestrough and downspout products that are installed with a fully backed warranty. If you are getting your roof replaced, talk to our team about your eavestroughs. We will be happy to provide details on the current condition of your roof's drainage system and make any recommendations that could save you the cost of expensive repairs to the basement of your home. Ask us about our minimum job cost associated any repair or installation of eavestrough. We also offer leaf guard systems to prevent clogs!


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